• SEA Piano Competition is open to all nationalities. 

  • All contestants may apply for one or more competition divisions.

  • Participants are only allowed to participate in categories where they meet the minimum age limit and entry requirements.

  • The scheduled competition time cannot be changed by any contestants for all competition rounds.

  • The whole competition will be conducted via online video submission due to the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic. 

  • The organiser reserves the right to rescheduling the competition schedule and to make changes if circumstances required.

  • The committee will cancel the division in Preliminary Round and refund the application fee to each contestant if the entry of contestants are less than 10 pax.

  • The jury has the right to remove certain prizes if necessary.

  • Contestant that has been learning under any of the jury continuously within the past one year will not be graded by the respective jury.

  • The organiser has the right to release any recordings for public or commercial purposes without seeking approval from the participants or making any payments to them. All contestants agreed on the copyrights of any form of recording belonging to the organiser after signing the application form.

  • All winners of Final Round have to collect their awards in person in the Final Round Award Ceremony on 29 March 2020. Winners who are absent in the award ceremony have to bear the shipping charges if they wish to have the certificate and trophy posted to their given address with cash prize banked into the related bank account.

  • All contestants are expected to bear the expenses for own travel and accommodation fee in the participation throughout the competition.

  • Participants have to take charge on the acknowledgement of every email or text sent by the organiser regarding the competition.

  • All participants are required to verify their participation at the registration desk with the given Reporting letter which will be emailed to the participants.

  • All contestants are required to report to the registration desk punctually according to the time stated in the Reporting letter.

  • All performances must be performed by memory.

  • No amendment is allowed after the programme is submitted.

  • Contestants are expected to dress in formal attire.

  • Do not attempt on private contact with any of the judge adjudicators during the competition.​

  • Adjudicators will have all rights on the decisions made without reviews and appeals from any party.

  • Participants who breached any of the competition’s rules will be disqualified.

  • Flash photography, audio and video recording are strictly prohibited throughout the competition. Such activities found conducted will be banned from the competition. 

  • Video recording of the participant him/herself can be purchased from the organiser.

  • The organiser reserves the right to record and document the competition.

  • Studios with pianos will be provided for participants to warm-up only on the competition days. The warm-up schedule will be set, maximum of 5 minutes for each contestant, prior to the competition time of each participant.

  • All seats for the SEA Piano competition are on a “first come first serve” basis with a maximum of 160 seats available. All participants will be given 2 complimentary tickets (including the participant him/herself) in the Kuala Lumpur Live Preliminary Round and Final Round.

  • Gold winners of the Final Round will be invited to perform in the Grand Final Concert, which will be held on 29 March 2020, with 2 complimentary tickets given (including the participant him/herself)

  • Extra tickets can be purchased at RM15.00 from the front desk during the actual event.